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My Latest Work

Turmoil, A Novel

My latest work of literary fiction is Turmoil, a novel, available as an eBook. Here's a synopsis:

Can she survive scandal, murder,  madness, and a shocking secret that dramatically impacts her life?

Set in London and San Francisco, real events are woven into the narrative from the aftermath of war through the hippie movement, the AIDS crisis, life among the rich and famous, scandal, madness, and murder. Turmoil unveils dysfunctional family relationships from just after World War II to the 1970s.

“This is about my bizarre life. It is possible you might not find my life bizarre at all, but you will need to

decide that for yourself. Like my life, my story is presented in an unusual format full of twists and turns and unexpected detours. My mind tends to jump around in time, as most minds do, and I have allowed it to follow its path. It may seem erratic at times but, like a jigsaw puzzle, all the pieces fit together and when it is finished you will see the whole picture. Do you wonder who I am? Do you wonder what happened to me? Then let’s get started....”
Reader Reviews:

 “Turmoil is sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, sometimes harrowing and  totally fascinating.”

 “I have never before read a novel in one day, but I couldn’t put it down.”  

“Turmoil is amazing!  Sometimes bizarre, sometimes funny, and unexpectedly uplifting. The author is an excellent writer.”

“Turmoil takes the reader through a full range of emotional experiences. It is completely unique.”

“I like the way she brings to life an array of unique characters who are totally believable. I like the way she tells a story so that you are captivated and enlightened by events that actually happened in the recent past. I like the way she does not spare herself when writing about personal “stuff” and the way in which an enormous amount of research has gone into her writings. I also like very much the grammatical accuracy with which she writes.”

“A really cool book.”





Turmoil Two: Reinvention

Readers of Turmoil wanted  to know more, so I am currently working on a sequel.

"Those who tell the stories rule society"


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